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The Petroleum Engineering Summer School (PESS) has been operating within the academic program of advanced studies of the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (IUC) for thirty one years (first PESS was in 1987).

PESS workshops, which are held in June every year, are organized by the Faculty of Mining, Geology & Petroleum Engineering of the University of Zagreb. Topics covered by the PESS are contemporary technical, technological, environmental and economic issues in field of oil & gas industry and energy industry in general.

The mission of the Petroleum Engineering Summer School is the exchange of knowledge at advance academic and expert level, offering the extensive possibilities for international collaboration of the professionals in the oil & gas industry.

The workshops are organized as lectures followed by professional discussions. The official language of the PESS is English. Outstanding professors and experts from the USA, Europe, and other regions participate as guest speakers or lecturers.

Long-term collaboration in organizing the Petroleum Engineering Summer School has been established with university professors from the USA (Louisiana State University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the Colorado School of Mines, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Oklahoma, the University of Tulsa, Texas A&M University), Austria (Innsbruck University, Montan University of Leoben), Hungary (Miskolc University, University of Szeged), Russia (Gubkin State University, Moscow, St Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance), Romania (Petroleum and Gas University-Ploesti), the Netherlands (TU Delft), Venezuela, Iraq (University of Sulaimani) and Malaysia (University of Technology Petronas).

Furthermore, a number of experts from leading industrial corporations were included in performance of the programs, like INA, ConocoPhillips, Statoil, Schlumberger, Total, E-On, ENI, OMV, MOL, Lukoil, and other.

In addition to financial support of the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, the traditional sponsors of the PESS are: INA Group, MOL Group, INAgip, Janaf, Plinacro, and Croatian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council, PSP, PPD, LNG Croatia, as well as SPE Croatian Section and Croatian Asociation of Petroleum Engineers and Geologists.


2015 –
Professor Daria Karasalihovic Sedlar, Ph. D. & Professor Lidia Hrncevic, Ph. D.

2009 – 2014
Professor Igor Dekanic, Ph. D

2006 – 2008
Professor Zoran Krilov, Ph. D.

1987 – 2005
Professor Ivo Steiner, Ph. D.


  • Downhole Production Fluid Dynamics,
  • Downhole Drilling Data Acquisition,
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery,
  • Well Completion Mechanics – Casing and Tubing,
  • System Analysis (Nodal Analysis) to Maximize Production,
  • Open Hole Well Log Measurement,
  • Open Hole Well Log Interpretation
  • Rational Development in Marginal and Mature Oil and Gas Reservoirs,
  • Lifecycle Oil and Gas Management,
  • Geo-modeling in Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas,
  • Optimization of Oil and Gas Production,
  • Gas Engineering,
  • Risk Minimization and Probabilistic Application in the Petroleum Industry,
  • Research and Development in a Modern Petroleum Production Company,
  • Synergy Between Science, Engineering and Economy in the Management of the Petroleum Industry,
  • IOR Methods for Economical Oil Recovery from Small Oil Fields,
  • Waste Management in the Petroleum Industry,
  • Natural Gas – from Reservoir to the Burner Tip,
  • Contemporary Oil Gas Well Completion and Workover Jobs,
  • The Big Future Picture of Petroleum Engineering,
  • Natural Gas – from Reservoir to the Burner Tip (part two),
  • The Impact of New E&P Technologies on Oil Peak and HC Reserves,
  • The New Aspects of Formation Damage & Water Control,
  • Production Operations – Artificial Lift,
  • Geothermal Fields Development,
  • Production Operations – Surface Facilities Design,
  • Unconventional IOR Methods and Unconventional HC Reserves
  • Challenges of Economics and Management – Energy Security and Supply & HSE,
  • New Frontiers of Exploration, Production and Processing – Risk Management and Natural Gas Market Issues,
  • Technology and Management of Oil & Gas Exploration and Production in Mature Fields – Energy Security and Supply in Changing Market Conditions,
  • Unconventional Oil & Gas Exploration & Production – Natural Gas Market.
  • Technology and Management of Exploitation in Mature Oil Fields – Fiscal Systems and Leases in Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons
  • Unconventional Oil & Gas Exploration & Production – Natural Gas Supply, European Natural Gas Corridors and Organization of Natural Gas Market
  • Rules and Conditions Governing Future Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Activities in Croatia- Issues & Challenges
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Natural Gas Market Development
  • Reservoir Evaluation and Management
  • LNG Master Class
  • Poromechanics & Hydraulic Fracturing
  • CO2 EOR
  • Petroleum Services
  • Energy Business & Natural Gas Value Chain